Prioritize Your Health: Say No to Tobacco and Moderate Alcohol Consumption

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Stress Management: Embrace Calmness and Find Inner Balance

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11 Simple Ways to Avoid Stomach Discomfort | Tips for Maintaining Digestive Health While Traveling

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What is constipation? Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

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Balanced nutrition during pregnancy: tips for healthy development

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Fitness during pregnancy: tips for a healthy and active time

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8 unexpected causes of summertime rashes

Whether frozen or on ice, a margarita can be a refreshing summer cocktail, but it can lead to more than a potential hangover.  A drizzle of citrus juice on sun-exposed skin can soon cause a nasty burn called phytophotodermatitis, sometimes called margarita dermatitis.  This happens when a photosensitizing compound in linden called furocoumarin, found in … Read more