The best herbs and spices for Weight Loss

Do herbs and spices make you lose or gain weight?

We often wonder whether adding spices to our food makes it more caloric or, on the contrary, healthier. The answer is simple: yes, aromatic herbs and spices have slimming properties! A source of vitamins and minerals, they are true allies in weight loss and fat burning. Some seasonings even complement their slimming effects by acting directly on the metabolism, thanks to their active ingredients : appetite suppressant, laxative, digestive properties…    

According to an American study published in The Journal of Nutrition (Source 1) in 2011 , flavoring your meals with certain spices will reduce the harmful effects of lipids from high-fat meals. In this study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that patients who consumed it had their triglyceride levels reduced by 30% compared to those who did not.      

The bottom line: Play with the colors of herbs and spices on your plates to speed up your diet or rebalance your cravings : they won’t give you the impression of dieting. Unleash your imagination and be amazed! 

Does spicy food make you lose weight?

Pepper contains capsaicin , an active natural ingredient that gives food a spicy taste and has slimming properties . This ingredient really speeds up the digestive and nervous system, research shows on the subject. It raises the body’s temperature, which burns more calories to return to a normal temperature . It is also an excellent digestif, helping to lower the level of sugar (glycemia) in the blood.     

What are fat-burning herbs and spices?

Spices that have an effect on weight loss are :  

  • Read turmeric ;  
  • Cardamom;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Red pepper;
  • curry;
  • Clove ;
  • Ginger ;
  • yenibahar ;  
  • Nutmeg;
  • Fennel seeds;
  • cumin;
  • sumac;
  • black pepper;
  • Vanilla.

Aromatic plants that have an effect on weight loss are:  

  • Oregano ;
  • onion ;
  • parsley;
  • Mint ;
  • coriander ;  
  • Oregano;

Add cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cardamom to your slimming recipes…

Boiled fish, steamed vegetables… When dieting, food often looks very bland.

Adding herbs and spices makes it possible to diversify the flavors and think about what we eat a little differently every day , says micronutritionist Valérie Espinasse . Aromatic herbs are very fragrant and stimulate the taste buds .   

At the end of cooking, add basil or tarragon to your stir-fried or steamed vegetables .  

“On the spice side, turmeric associated with vegetables , in addition to sweetening, helps the gut manage dietary changes that occur during dieting,” explains Valérie Espinasse.  underlines Valérie Espinasse.

However, remember that consuming spices and aromatic plants is not enough to lose weight. If they are natural fat burners, their use as part of the diet should be associated with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle (regular physical activity, adequate sleep, limiting stress, alcohol, tobacco …) .    

Turmeric, cloves… how to use spices to lose weight?

Here are some recipe ideas for healthy meals cooked and seasoned with a variety of aromatic herbs and spices.

  • Barbecue beef skewers marinated in curry and paprika  , then sprinkle with tarragon. Or combine chicken with thyme and Espelette chili powder…;
  • Cook your carrots  with cumin and parsley. Add the latter when serving: the antioxidant vitamins are quickly lost during cooking ;  
  • Consider a salad of fresh cheese with cumin.  : Stimulates digestive activity! ;
  •   Prepare terrine, a vegetable (carrots, tomatoes, etc.) with coriander, a beautifully colorful dish rich in benefits : coriander aids digestion and has diuretic properties;
  • Think of your taste buds with an array of flavors and spices : for example, you can make a simple vindaloo by marinating the meat in vinegar and adding curry paste;
  • Cinnamon  isn’t just a sweet spice: Cook a delicious pork roast with honey, apples, and cinnamon, or even steamed eggplant with cumin and cinnamon;
  • Having trouble using cloves?  Know that it goes very well with ham, oranges or onions. You can combine it with cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger.

Consider spicy drinks, infusions, and tea

  •  Spicy tea for detox (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, green tea);
  •  Turmeric ginger and lemon infusion for its anti-inflammatory properties ;
  •  Cinnamon and ginger infusion for a flat stomach ;
  • Ginger turmeric latte  (vegetable milk, turmeric, cinnamon, pepper and honey).

Replace salt in your meals with herbs and spices

Forget salt to spice up your recipes : herbs and spices are in season too. Abuse herbs and give your dishes unexpected and equally fragrant flavors.    

Some ideas:

  • Garnish a salmon papillot with pink peppercorns, some honey, and ground cayenne pepper and you’ll have a low-calorie, strong-tasting dish. Pepper is also a good diuretic and aids digestion; 
  •   Try sweet potatoes infused with vanilla bean and served with slices of orange zest : no added sugar needed.
  • In a salad, instead of systematically adding salt to the vinaigrette, add garlic and chives;  
  • You can likewise consider fresh or dried basil on your zucchini or eggplant.  

If the taste is not strong enough , add curry to the preparation. “Herbs and spices are often enough on their own in a dish and provide it with an original quality of taste,” the micronutritionist emphasizes.  

Limit adding sugar to desserts

Reinvent desserts, less sugar, but more herbs and just as much flavor! Again, let your creativity flow. With desserts, anything goes: vanilla mango compote, baked apples with cinnamon or cardamom, strawberry salad with mint or basil… 

He says ground cinnamon is interesting because it has anti-inflammatory, digestive, sedative, and antioxidant properties . Consider also ginger , which helps soften slightly acidic fruits .    

  •  Pour ground cinnamon and a pinch of powdered cloves over the apple feta cheese ;
  •  Prepare an orange with a sprinkle of cardamom and powdered ginger : a guaranteed boost! ;
  • Replace the custard  with a light cream cheese mousse (whipped with a mixer) flavored with cinnamon or ginger.

Offer the spices offered to the guests

Restaurants, dinners with friends or family… Diets can sometimes distract us from our social life, especially from our very restrictive social life. But watching your weight doesn’t mean you have to diet your whole family or stop entertaining your friends!

On the contrary. Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist partner of the Ducros brand, insists on this basic concept of pleasure : “You should not deprive yourself of these pleasant moments that are good for you.” Continuing to associate eating with pleasure means avoiding the yo-yo effect and giving yourself a chance to maintain a stable weight in the long run.    

Here again, herbs and spices can help you maintain a balanced diet while sharing a dinner with your loved ones. Her trick : let everyone season the dishes to their taste and in the desired amount. Serve herbs and spices in beautifully colored ramekins available to guests. Also plan oil and vinegar sprays on the table. This much !    

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