What are the most effective fat burning foods?

Fat-burning foods are foods that increase thermogenesis, which is heat production in the body , thereby stimulating metabolism and forcing the body to attract fat reserves.  

3 food principles to burn fat

 There are several types of “fat-burning” foods:

  • Things that our bodies burn  more calories to digest than they contain;    
  • Those rich in fiber or protein, which bring a      feeling of fullness quickly ;
  • Those with active ingredients that  accelerate and stimulate our basic metabolism . 

Here’s a little reminder of the main principles of a fat-burning diet:

  •  reduce as much as possible carbohydrates  , which are especially quickly digested and assimilated, in order to deprive the body of its main source of energy and force it to plunge into its stores ;
  • control fat  and supplement the fatty acids (especially essential fatty acids) we need to protect our cells: they are stored less when used;
  • Bet on foods rich in nutrients or substances   that require a good expenditure of energy to metabolize .  

If you start by following these tips, it’s a guaranteed first step to burning fat. Next, it’s up to you to put the right weight loss foods on your plate.  

What are the best foods to lose weight fast?

Low-calorie and protein-rich tuna

Like most lean white fish (pollock, cod, haddock, etc.), hailfish is low in calories (80 calories/100 g) and above all rich in protein, which makes it particularly interesting as part of a fat burning diet.    

Poultry breast (turkey, chicken), satisfying

These white meats are rich in protein (about 20%) and contain almost no fat, making them digestible and satisfying .   

5% fat ground beef, anti-fatigue

Ground beef provides little fat, but quality proteins and, above all, easily assimilated iron, which is essential for preventing fatigue .   

0% cottage cheese, low energy

A hearty and low-energy dessert with 8 g protein/100 g 0% fromage blanc (80-90 calories per 200 g ramekin).     

Bell pepper to speed up metabolism

Like all peppers, pepper contains substances that can burn fat by accelerating metabolism. Among these substances: capsaicin, which transforms the white fat cells responsible for excess weight into brown cells, which causes a thermogenic reaction . Another advantage of pepper is that it is low  in calories !     

Pectin-rich apple

An excellent health fruit, apple helps to normalize cholesterol , triglyceride and sugar levels in the blood thanks to the pectins it contains, which has a definite effect on fat storage. In the digestive system, pectin actively participates in the elimination of excess fat through the intestinal passage.      

Mate is rich in caffeine

This caffeine- rich beverage, which is also a diuretic , gently stimulates the metabolism, that is, the body’s expenditure. It is a real weight loss ally that naturally stimulates fat burning.   

Broccoli, the fat-burning slimming vegetable

Rich in fiber and micronutrients (vitamins C and B9, calcium, magnesium, mineral salts, etc.), it provides less energy (25 calories/100g) than needs to be digested. In general, green vegetables are excellent allies for weight loss, as they support the proper functioning of the digestive system and strengthen the immune system .           

Konjac, a fat and sugar sensor

Konjac contains glucomannan, a soluble fiber that, when in contact with liquid, forms a viscous gel that traps fats and sugars for a true fat-burning effect . And 100g provides only 10 calories! You will find it in the form of blocks, pearls or noodles (shiratakis).      

Lemon, a fat-burning fruit

Lemon is an excellent detox food. It contains citric acid, which stimulates the production of bile and digestive enzymes, thereby facilitating the digestion, reuse and elimination of fats after they have been metabolized. Make your own detox drink by putting lemon wedges in your water bottle and drink it throughout the day.      

Natural fat burning vegetable eggplant

In the vegetable category, eggplant is arguably the best fat-burning food. It accelerates weight loss by absorbing the fats in the body . Eggplant, which is very rich in fiber and pectin, is also very effective on satiety.  

Green tea to reduce fat assimilation

Green tea is on the list of the most effective fat burning foods. The tannins contained in green tea, which is rich in antioxidants and catechins (molecules belonging to the flavonoid family), reduce the assimilation of fats by our body.   

Which foods burn belly fat?

Want to lose belly weight? It’s no secret: a healthy and varied diet,  combined with regular physical activity,  helps fight stubborn belly fat.   

On the food side, avoid cold cuts, white bread, fries, processed products, ready meals, pizzas, fries, sugary drinks… They all contain saturated fats that will accelerate the storage of belly fat. Also watch out for the salts hidden in all these processed products, which promote the storage and retention of water.     

  • However, you have to eat (good) fat.  But not just any of them: opt for   monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil, walnuts, avocados and polyunsaturated fatty acids (oily fish, walnuts, soybean and rapeseed oil, etc.));  
  •  Focus on proteins (lean meat, eggs, etc.). Pulses and pulses should be eaten two or three times a week  . Be careful to choose them well and do not abuse them if you are prone to bloating ;   
  • Bet on  fruits and vegetables  to consume in large quantities even when you want to .


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